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two shows, one weekend… thats right!

After a fantastic time vending at GO WEST! thank you,  thank you to everyone who came, vended and performed (there’s a fuller thank you with loads of pictures on the blog), we’re headed into a crazy two fairs, one weekend event. I’ll be vending on Saturday at The Suburu Fall Festival at Greensgrow Farms in Fishtown from 11-4 and Mike will be at the Old City Seaport Festival at Penns Landing in front of the Seaport Museum on Saturday & Sunday10-5. Can we do it? Who knows… cue the clown car music! All kidding aside though we think it’s going to be really fun. I love Greensgrow and being a part of their festivals. While we’re Clark Park Farmers Market shoppers because of where we live, I love seeing (and eating) what other farmers markets have! And then of course the Seaport Museum is another thing we love and value so much! If you’ve never been there I highly recommend it (maybe at this festival). The Seaport Fest has a ticket price where you have full admission to the museum, boats, all of the wonderful entertainment, and of course vendors. We’re excited about the pirate battle at the end of the day on Sunday! Hope to see some of you at one or even both of these cool and different events.


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