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two shows, one weekend… thats right!

After a fantastic time vending at GO WEST! thank you,  thank you to everyone who came, vended and performed (there’s a fuller thank you with loads of pictures on the blog), we’re headed into a crazy two fairs, one weekend event. I’ll be vending on Saturday at The Suburu Fall Festival at Greensgrow Farms in Fishtown from 11-4 and Mike will be at the Old City Seaport Festival at Penns Landing in front of the Seaport Museum on Saturday & Sunday10-5. Can we do it? Who knows… cue the clown car music! All kidding aside though we think it’s going to be really fun. I love Greensgrow and being a part of their festivals. While we’re Clark Park Farmers Market shoppers because of where we live, I love seeing (and eating) what other farmers markets have! And then of course the Seaport Museum is another thing we love and value so much! If you’ve never been there I highly recommend it (maybe at this festival). The Seaport Fest has a ticket price where you have full admission to the museum, boats, all of the wonderful entertainment, and of course vendors. We’re excited about the pirate battle at the end of the day on Sunday! Hope to see some of you at one or even both of these cool and different events.


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the GO WEST! Craft Fest is just around the corner…!

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Wow, we’ve been busy! What with marking spaces, putting fliers around, last minute details and spreading the internet word not to mention talking it up to anyone who’ll listen, we’ve been doing a lot mostly with L by our side (she talks it up too!). Did I say sewing up a storm and cutting and polishing?

We’re terribly excited though and think you should be too! This Fest promises to be the biggest one yet, with wonderful performers, an awesome array of vendors, possible jugglers and definitely a free face painter. GO WEST’s  blog can tell you all about it and will give you links to all of our talented vendors. Our pintrest can give you a little sample of what you’ll find too.  We’re trying to put out positive thoughts about the weather and think of sun, sun, sun or at least not rainy clouds… We hope you’ll come join us and if the rain date does have to happen we’ll post it up right away. But it won’t, and this coming Saturday is shaping up  to be a wonderful day to be in The Woodlands vending and shopping and hanging out! Don’t forget your picnic blanket…

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Summer 2012 Flea Market Extravangza

Wow, I’ve been away from this space for a while. Well it’s true, this summer our family went on some terrific road trips, all in the name of plates (and fun!). We’re back home now, in time for school and the stormy weather. Hopefully starting mid September when Craft Fair season gets into full swing we’ll have a lovely crisp autumn, with only wisps of clouds, I can’t wait for that! I also can’t wait for The GO WEST! Craft Fest on Sat, Sept 29.  Mike, Emily and I  are doing all the promotion we can for it and we hope to see you there! Before that though we have some other offering’s, 5th Lehigh Ave Arts Fest in Fishtown, Clover Market in Ardmore (where I try to not buy more that I sell!), and the Uhuru Flea Market in Clark Park (West Philly). We’re busily gearing up for those and thinking ahead to the holiday season too. Lets look back to our summer fun now though with some highlights of our summer road tripping Pittsburgh, Maine, Knobles!

Daredevils and Ice Cream everyday at Knoebles! Just down the road from Centralia, Pa the town that is smoldering underground…

East Liverpool,Ohio we went there to visit the Museum of Ceramics only to find out it was closed due excessive heat! It was a scorcher…  The day wasn’t lost though, as we perused the plates at a local antique Mall and met the friendliest people there too, not to mention having  a pretty amazing milkshake at the gigantic hotdog stand (I wish I had a picture of that!)

At he Goodwill bins in Pittsburgh, Pa E learned how to dig. Then learned a different kind of digging, and gazing and wonderment at The Carnagie Museum of Natural History and of Art, both for one admission price. On Lincoln Highway, Rt 30 the only way we travel…Cape May, NJ for a family vacation with cousins! Learning the old ways at Cold Spring Village a truly wonderful place, boy are we are suckers for historical reenactments…Roadside America, one man’s dream of a miniature Americana, well worth the price. This is the outside, to draw people in…?Then we went to Maine, and though I tangled with a bigger “world’s biggest lobster” in Shediac, New Brunswick, this one was just her size in the town where I plan to live one day, or there abouts…At the county fair in Maine, winning on the ponies!Dreaming of summertime in Maine, we’ve found our place…And here’s the carriage full of wonderful finds, waiting to be made into jewelry for all.  Full of summertime’s dreams, hope’s and plans, fun, beauty and joy.  Thanks for looking!

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GO WEST! Craft Fest this Saturday!

We’re getting ready for our first fair of the season, which just happens to be the Fest the we organize. GO WEST! started last April when Emily Dorn from VIX Emporium and I got our heads together and decided we needed a venue for our local West Philly folks. There are many wonderful fairs in Philadelphia, but none in our neighborhood and if you know anything about West Philly you know we like to keep it close! Our initial Fest was in Cedar Park across the street from VIX and for the winter we chose the Rotunda, a hop, skip and a jump away. We chose a diverse section of local vendors with unique, affordable, handmade products.

This April 14th we’re so excited to have it at The Woodlands, a historic mansion & cemetery from 11-5pm. The space where Fest will be is easily viewable from the road and the 40th St trolley hub. It’s a lovely large lawn dotted with flowering trees. The cemetery is in view across the path and the Hamilton Manson is up the hill.  We are huge cemetery buffs, and this one is really very beautiful, the right mix of grand and humble. I could go on about cemetery’s like this one in Copenhagen where everyone goes to picnic, or the one in Apalachicola where some of my family’s buried, covered with Spanish moss, or last my childhood favorite attached to Abington Meeting where I grew up. We’d look at all the old names on the low graves, all alike and feel sad about the babies. Sometimes if I was there toward evening I’d run along the path getting more and more freaked out till I was past the bushes on the edge. But usually it was a peaceful spot to go and think and dream.  But I digress…

This Saturday is promising to be full of fun! A complete vendor list is on our blog, and in addition to all the talented diverse selection of vendors we have vegetarian sandwiches from Black Orchid Food, and entertainment, Jay Sand of All Around This World Music will be performing for your & my children’s delight at 1pm. Sour Mash, olde timey favorites will be playing also, and Tangle will present tinycircus, an aerialist extravaganza at 3pm, not to mention wandering jugglers performing throughout the day! Vendors will include different types of jewelry,  paper goods & home goods, terrariums & aeriums, fashionable clothing for kids (ahem) and adults, soap, beauty products & candles, toys & dolls, and the Woodlands own honey & CSA information, the A is for apiary 😉

We’re looking forward to a good turnout and lovely warm weather! Hope to see and talk to you all in person there!





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