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Berlin Flea Market Style

hot chocolateHappy New Year everyone! I’ve been away from this space for a minute or 2 or 3, trying to savor some internet free time and the last of the holidays. We’re back home now from the wonderful Island where we spent New Years with our friends and since it was Saturday once again Mike headed off to his favorite (somewhat) local Berlin flea market. We enjoyed the unseasonably warm weather in the park and sat outside at a cafe! hot chocolate089103We had a great surprise when Mike got home with a 1960s pram. 119pram jan 13We’re not quite sure what to do with it yet (other than ride L around town), and will for the moment just have to add it to our collection… yes I said collection. There were some new to us plates too. birdhouse platebw flower plateI’m sure the dancing ladies are going to be a big hit!  We’ll put at least one up on Etsy. dancing girl plateWhat a nice Saturday, hope your weekend was lovely too!


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Holiday Thanks!

dec gowest12Thank you everyone for a busy and wonderful holiday vending season. We have one more (small) fair today in our neighborhood then we’re taking a well deserved break for Christmas and New Years. I meant to post this thank you from GO WEST! last week. Well, here it is now!GO WEST! Dec12 I still have Christmas sewing to do for L and our niece (I know cutting it close), and will be happy to sit and relax on Christmas Eve with our family and my new favorite winter cocktail, eggnog & Snap.

Wishing you much laughter and light for the rest of this year and into the next. Remember…221028294181646464_rqhxwTBZ_c

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Looking forward to the weekend!

Wow, what a roller-coaster of a week, and it’s not over yet. We survived Sandy with the most minimal of leaks, and lots of home cooking and pie baking and looking at storm footage on the computer. The cold front hit, and we feel very blessed that we can turn our heat on when we want to. Our families are and friends who were in the path of the storm are ok. We have friends who weren’t so lucky, a good place to donate money to one family is here and if you live in Philly,  West Philadelphia Coop School 4625 Baltimore Ave is having a clothing & goods drop off tomorrow from 1-3pm, that will go directly to NYC hurricane victims. Then of course the weather changed and it was Halloween! L was a cookie delivering pirate,  and had as much (if not more) fun giving out candy then the actual trick or treating.

This Sunday is the last Clover Market of the season. We’re thrilled to be participating again and have many new designs and flavors for all of you holiday shopping needs. Yes, it’s that time again. We’re #76, same place as last time and what a nice place it was, hope to see you there!I know there are a few “moments” in here as well as some plugs for things but these first pictures really sum up “savoring and remembering”!

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~this moment~ Spackling her room with Daddy…

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Butternut Delicious

Once upon a time my friend Lizzy came over and together we whipped up this simple and delicious meal from what I had around and her giant butternut squash. It’s become a staple of my dinnertime favorites and L could eat it every night. It’s awesome because it’s vegan and wheat free, neither of which our family is but it’s nice to have that. We usually crumble some goat cheese on top but it’s totally not necessary. L and I are just dairy fiends, Mike not so much… That’s good for some protein too, you could also crumble a bit of firm tofu.

Butternut Delicious Pasta

Peeled & chopped medium butternut squash, handful fresh sage chopped, 5-10 peeled garlic cloves, extra virgin olive oil, sprinkle of salt, trader joe’s brown rice penne pasta, goat cheese

In a roasting pan combine squash, garlic, sage, salt and olive oil, toss to mix then put in a 400 degree oven for about 30 minutes. After 15 mins toss it around to make sure it’s all cooking well and doesn’t burn, keep checking. It’ll be soft (but not too mushy) and slightly caramelized, add more oil if it looks too dry. In the meantime cook your pasta till it’s al dente, drain and add a smidge of olive oil to keep it from sticking together. Mix your delicious aromatic garlicky sage squash in with your pasta. Put in bowls, top with goat cheese, serve with a green salad perhaps.

An easy peasy, gourmet tasting meal that kids and grown ups will love.

I forgot about the garlic this time and only remembered when I was combining the pasta. It was pretty good without it, and if you have kids who really don’t like garlic it’ll be ok. Roasted garlic however is so mellow and lovely you might just give it a chance and see what happens. As for the pasta, I’ve had some pretty gross wheat free & whole wheat pasta’s in my time but I can’t say enough good things about the Trader Joe’s Brown Rice Penne Pasta. If you cook it right it’s just perfect, chewy with a little bite. I also like their whole wheat fusilli, although the whole wheat & brown rice spaghetti, not so much.

The changing of the seasons makes me want to roast everything! Do you have some favorite easy, healthy and delicious roasted recipes? I’d love to know all about it!

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~this moment~ Early morning towers (19 blocks!) then last day of the beach!

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Summer 2012 Flea Market Extravangza

Wow, I’ve been away from this space for a while. Well it’s true, this summer our family went on some terrific road trips, all in the name of plates (and fun!). We’re back home now, in time for school and the stormy weather. Hopefully starting mid September when Craft Fair season gets into full swing we’ll have a lovely crisp autumn, with only wisps of clouds, I can’t wait for that! I also can’t wait for The GO WEST! Craft Fest on Sat, Sept 29.  Mike, Emily and I  are doing all the promotion we can for it and we hope to see you there! Before that though we have some other offering’s, 5th Lehigh Ave Arts Fest in Fishtown, Clover Market in Ardmore (where I try to not buy more that I sell!), and the Uhuru Flea Market in Clark Park (West Philly). We’re busily gearing up for those and thinking ahead to the holiday season too. Lets look back to our summer fun now though with some highlights of our summer road tripping Pittsburgh, Maine, Knobles!

Daredevils and Ice Cream everyday at Knoebles! Just down the road from Centralia, Pa the town that is smoldering underground…

East Liverpool,Ohio we went there to visit the Museum of Ceramics only to find out it was closed due excessive heat! It was a scorcher…  The day wasn’t lost though, as we perused the plates at a local antique Mall and met the friendliest people there too, not to mention having  a pretty amazing milkshake at the gigantic hotdog stand (I wish I had a picture of that!)

At he Goodwill bins in Pittsburgh, Pa E learned how to dig. Then learned a different kind of digging, and gazing and wonderment at The Carnagie Museum of Natural History and of Art, both for one admission price. On Lincoln Highway, Rt 30 the only way we travel…Cape May, NJ for a family vacation with cousins! Learning the old ways at Cold Spring Village a truly wonderful place, boy are we are suckers for historical reenactments…Roadside America, one man’s dream of a miniature Americana, well worth the price. This is the outside, to draw people in…?Then we went to Maine, and though I tangled with a bigger “world’s biggest lobster” in Shediac, New Brunswick, this one was just her size in the town where I plan to live one day, or there abouts…At the county fair in Maine, winning on the ponies!Dreaming of summertime in Maine, we’ve found our place…And here’s the carriage full of wonderful finds, waiting to be made into jewelry for all.  Full of summertime’s dreams, hope’s and plans, fun, beauty and joy.  Thanks for looking!

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