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the GO WEST! Craft Fest is just around the corner…!

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Wow, we’ve been busy! What with marking spaces, putting fliers around, last minute details and spreading the internet word not to mention talking it up to anyone who’ll listen, we’ve been doing a lot mostly with L by our side (she talks it up too!). Did I say sewing up a storm and cutting and polishing?

We’re terribly excited though and think you should be too! This Fest promises to be the biggest one yet, with wonderful performers, an awesome array of vendors, possible jugglers and definitely a free face painter. GO WEST’s  blog can tell you all about it and will give you links to all of our talented vendors. Our pintrest can give you a little sample of what you’ll find too.  We’re trying to put out positive thoughts about the weather and think of sun, sun, sun or at least not rainy clouds… We hope you’ll come join us and if the rain date does have to happen we’ll post it up right away. But it won’t, and this coming Saturday is shaping up  to be a wonderful day to be in The Woodlands vending and shopping and hanging out! Don’t forget your picnic blanket…


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~this moment~ Early morning towers (19 blocks!) then last day of the beach!

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good times at the September Clover Market

We’re just home and winding down from our first full weekend of Fall vending. Today was Clover Market and it was pretty perfect. The only thing wrong was my forgetting to bring my camera so you can’t see our family’s stripey ensembles! Things couldn’t have been much better from the lovely weather, our upbeat attitudes even without coffee at first, and a really terrific shady spot. It was busy without being hectic and along with lots of happy customers we got to give out so many cards for GO WEST! to people who didn’t know about it, and then were excited and planned to go! Toward the end I got a great chance to walk around and chat with some other vendors. I somehow managed to not buy anything,  but want to share some of my favorite vendors from this particular market. Janet Long does a great job at coordinating this event and always has new and interesting vendors to showcase. My hat’s off to her as I know what an enormous undertaking it must be!

Photo by Black Heart Letterpress

Black Heart Letterpress were our neighbors and have great letterpress cards, postcards and coasters with a decidedly Philly bent. They’ll also be vending at GO WEST! Craft Fest.

Photo by Regina Joans

On the other side of us was Regina Jonesa lovely area photographer who was sweet and cheerful despite the fact she had a head cold and stand troubles. The photograph I love the most I couldn’t figure out how to show but it’s the moon at night here. I really like her perspective on this one one too.

Photo by Hinterland Vintage

Hinterland Vintage has a wonderful boho esthetic and is brimming with beautiful women’s clothing from the 1950s, 60s & 70s shoe’s and hats too! Her stand is full and spacious all at once and has a little dressing room, so you can really know what you’re buying without having to struggle trying things on over your clothes..

Photo by Saffron Creations

Saffron Creations makes beautiful jewelry from tin boxes and cans, often with beveled stones and beads. I have an unfortunate nickle allergy which makes me unable to wear this kind of jewelry, you’d be surprised the amount of people who do! I really love this kind of thing though and really enjoy seeing it on others. (I happily can wear Mike’s jewelry, the little bit of silver solder around the pendant doesn’t affect me). Her jewelry is so unique and wonderful. It’s funny that she and Mike do a similar thing, cutting away to find a tiny beauty within a larger image

Photo by Tadpole Creations

Another GO WEST! vendor at Clover Market was Tadpole Creations. I first saw her and her super sweet daughter/assistant at the Waldorf Fair last winter (which we both hope we will be in this year too). I bought a mermaid doll for L’s stocking and was so charmed by her fresh, bright and colorful looking stand. We were so excited when she applied to GO WEST! She has lots of very sweet dolls, new baby gear and glitter hair pins. I’m sure there are many happy babies in Ardmore tonight!

Photo by Janzibar

Janzibar had the coziest upcycled felted sweater mittens. I always tell myself that I will make something like that, after all, I do sew. Or perhaps knit them? I am knitting pant’s for L and knit alot…. But, inevitably when winter hits, I just buy some cheapo’s from H&M and have cold hands. Perhaps this winter I should just invest in someone who actually has them made!

photo by Nannygoat Antiques

Nannygoat Antiques always has interesting, reasonably priced gems. While this scale wasn’t at Clover Market this time there were some great pieces including some huge maps and vintage children’s books. Last time I got L “A Child’s Life Second Reader” from 1900 with nursery stories including the three bears and little red riding hood and the billy goats gruff. It’s in very good condition and has a face plate sticker with a child’s name and 1905 written next to it. I just love the history in that image….  a child from 1905 sitting down to this “reader”. It make’s me feel what a wonder life is! Did I mention that I bought it for $6?

photo by Terri Palmer Signs

On our first Clover Market we vended next to Terri Palmer Signs. She’s a very nice lady with beautiful farmhouse style hand painted signs that are retro and fresh all at once, sometimes a little tongue-in-cheek. Do you see the one that says As the Crow Flies Inn…! Well I guess it is a common expression…My favorite is on the bottom, The Fox and Hare Tavern.

There were many more interesting vendors today than just this, but I’m a little sleepy at this point and can’t quite keep the steam up to write about them all. You’ll just have to come to the next market and see for yourself! We were so glad to be able to participate along with all of these talented artists and inspired antique sellers and really look forward to our next Market on Nov 3rd. We have many weekends of fairs until then and much jewelry to make and things to sew (and photograph).

As a little end piece, L was vending with us and was a joy to be around all day. While we were packing up she helped in a real way by putting Mike’s jewelry back in the boxes. It’s amazing what a little trust will do. Every day I’m reminded how capable L is and when she has real “work” to do how happy and content she is. She hummed a little tune to herself while carefully putting all the jewelry in the proper boxes and out of the corner of my eye it melted my heart just a little. Growing up vending isn’t so bad maybe…


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This Moment… getting ready for Fall Vending

New skirts for Fall… like them? Tell me your child’s size and I can custom make one for you! This weekend we’ll be at the Lehigh Ave Arts Fest on Saturday 9/15 and at Clover Market on Sunday 9/16. Can’t wait!

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Summer 2012 Flea Market Extravangza

Wow, I’ve been away from this space for a while. Well it’s true, this summer our family went on some terrific road trips, all in the name of plates (and fun!). We’re back home now, in time for school and the stormy weather. Hopefully starting mid September when Craft Fair season gets into full swing we’ll have a lovely crisp autumn, with only wisps of clouds, I can’t wait for that! I also can’t wait for The GO WEST! Craft Fest on Sat, Sept 29.  Mike, Emily and I  are doing all the promotion we can for it and we hope to see you there! Before that though we have some other offering’s, 5th Lehigh Ave Arts Fest in Fishtown, Clover Market in Ardmore (where I try to not buy more that I sell!), and the Uhuru Flea Market in Clark Park (West Philly). We’re busily gearing up for those and thinking ahead to the holiday season too. Lets look back to our summer fun now though with some highlights of our summer road tripping Pittsburgh, Maine, Knobles!

Daredevils and Ice Cream everyday at Knoebles! Just down the road from Centralia, Pa the town that is smoldering underground…

East Liverpool,Ohio we went there to visit the Museum of Ceramics only to find out it was closed due excessive heat! It was a scorcher…  The day wasn’t lost though, as we perused the plates at a local antique Mall and met the friendliest people there too, not to mention having  a pretty amazing milkshake at the gigantic hotdog stand (I wish I had a picture of that!)

At he Goodwill bins in Pittsburgh, Pa E learned how to dig. Then learned a different kind of digging, and gazing and wonderment at The Carnagie Museum of Natural History and of Art, both for one admission price. On Lincoln Highway, Rt 30 the only way we travel…Cape May, NJ for a family vacation with cousins! Learning the old ways at Cold Spring Village a truly wonderful place, boy are we are suckers for historical reenactments…Roadside America, one man’s dream of a miniature Americana, well worth the price. This is the outside, to draw people in…?Then we went to Maine, and though I tangled with a bigger “world’s biggest lobster” in Shediac, New Brunswick, this one was just her size in the town where I plan to live one day, or there abouts…At the county fair in Maine, winning on the ponies!Dreaming of summertime in Maine, we’ve found our place…And here’s the carriage full of wonderful finds, waiting to be made into jewelry for all.  Full of summertime’s dreams, hope’s and plans, fun, beauty and joy.  Thanks for looking!

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