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Skirts & Pockets & Baltimore this Weekend!

After a fun time at the Trenton Ave Arts Fest, I quickly got back to work in by studio. Thanks Krista & Zak for being such terrific organizers! I suddenly had many commissions from TAAF and from our friends who are leaving our lovely West Philadelphia neighborhood. It’s an exciting time for them as they go to the shore’s of Providence where Ramshackle Enterprises will take up residence. We’ll miss them very much and hope they come back soon! They asked for some skirts and a dress for their little one who picked out the fabric. I had been thinking that some pockets were in order for a while for the skirts, after where are you supposed to put all those treasures you find walking around without them? Certainly not just put them in Mama’s hand! I thought up these with some darts for extra treasure room, and voila…  I’m not sure if I can make a skirt without them now!

In other news we are going to Maryland, Mikes homeland, to visit Nana, Grandpa & the cousins and to vend at Sowebo Fest in Baltimore on Sunday. E is very excited about this! She’ll get to hang out with her Nana & cousins, to jump on their trampoline, go swimming and have a sleepover! We’re happy to be visiting with family, and looking forward to the Fest. Mike has been going to the Sowebo Fest since he was a Baltimore youth, we get to see lots of his old friends and have lots of fun while meeting new people too. On the way there we’ll stop at my favorite thrift store in Edgewood, Md, I get the best kids clothes there for E and all the other kiddo’s out there. One fun thing about the summer in Maryland is the crabs! Even growing up for a bit in Pensacola, I had never eaten whole crabs before (shrimp were my thing). But in Maryland everyone eats crabs and I’m not one to say no to seafood so I dove in, YUM! I love this post from orangette about her crabbing experience (although it’s a west coast perspective), some day we plan to do a little crabbing ourselves but for now the crabs down the street from Nana’s house are just perfect. This is a bit what it will look like, minus the candles and plus old bay and county kitchen decor.

Hope you have a fun Memorial Day weekend, and if you’re in Baltimore don’t forget to check out Sowebo Fest and stop by our stand to say Hi!


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Art Star Craft Bazaar!

Lets talk about how awesome Art Star Craft Bazaar was! We had so much fun chatting it up with all the shoppers and vendors who came by our stand. We shared it with the lovely Corina Dross, we had some of her squid necklaces and they flew off the stand, we’ll be refreshing our shop soon with that and more collaborations with her. Saturday was quite busy and E was with us so there was the fun and managing of an almost 4 year old. On Sunday though I got a Mothers Day treat, as my Dad whisked her off all day for some Granddad fun and I got to peruse the stands and vend like the olden days. It was really relaxing! Some of my favorite things were these hand towels which she also had as cotton baby blankets by Betsy Olmsted.   The prints and cards from just A jar, and their planting guide/ humor cookbook Soil Mates, I’m thinking now I should have gotten one. Lovely heirloom stuffed toys from The Wind & The Sail (wonderful evocative name too). Folklore plaques & prints from spread the love, I got a little plaque last year that says “a house is made of walls & beams, a home is made of love and dreams”. There were many other unique and lovely things, and many talented vendors I know and who do GO WEST! too.  After our success on Saturday I felt enthused to buy a few things for myself from some of the vendors. I had been eying up Giant Dwarf’s headbands since I had lost the one I had bought 3 Art Star’s ago. I was especially pleased with the purchase since she isn’t making the kind I had anymore but decided to do one last hurahh before retiring the line. I bought this dress from Sarah-Maria of Meerwiibli, she was so nice to deal with really casual and friendly. She obviously wanted me to really like the dress and not just make a sale. The last thing was a trade with Melo Studios for a necklace that looked just perfect on her. I had done a trade with her partner at the Greensgrow Festival last year for some kids clothes so it was a funny full circle thing. They both seem like the loveliest of ladies, and now I have some delicious new candles to burn, I got clover, lemongrass & bugger off citronella. Two day Festivals can be really taxing but Mike and I felt really energized afterwards. It’s wonderful to see so many different vendors coming from different places, many with kids in tow, making such wonderful art and doing what they really love. That’s the dream… It’s pretty wonderful to be working toward it.

Find us this weekend at the Trenton Ave Arts Festival & Kinetic Sculpture Derby, what fun!

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~this moment~ E’s Portfolio

While I was taking some photo’s of my skirts for the upcoming Clover Market (this Sunday and oh so excited to participate), E wanted to help and wouldn’t give up till the camera was firmly in hand and strap over head. What I found when I looked though the photo’s tugged at my heart and made me want to share them. This view of her experience as a soon to be 4 year old was a wonder to see. I’m now looking back to see what else she has captured in her slightly younger years. I want to champion her in her seeing and capturing and am looking forward to what else she feels intent on sharing. I decided to make a flikr set and will be updating it periodically when more pictures arrive. Hope you have a lovely weekend, thunderstorms are happening right now, and my garden is thankful for it. Luckily rain is not in the forecast for this vending weekend!

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